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The primate T-cell lymphoma viruses (PTLV) are divided into six distinct species. The biology and epidemiology of PTLV-1 and PTLV-2 are very well understood. However, that of PTLV-3, 4, 5, and 6 are not. Recently, in Cameroon, three and one humans were shown to be infected with HTLV-3 and HTLV-4, respectively. We undertook a study to ascertain whether any(More)
Three cases of acute intoxication after inhalation of solvents are reported. The clinical picture was that of a severe sensory-motor polyneuropathy, in one case with root involvement leading to complete Landry's paralysis with respiratory paralysis. All three patients required intensive care. The healing process was extraordinarily slow in two and was still(More)
In 34 patients the diameter of Wirsung's duct was measured by real-time sonography before and after intravenous application of secretin. 25 of these patients, meeting special criteria, were chosen as normal controls; 9 patients had chronic pancreatitis. Normal subjects with an average duct diameter of 1.8 mm showed an average dilatation by about 89% to a(More)
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