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Voltage sags are one of the main problems in transmission and distribution networks. This paper proposes a voltage support control scheme for grid-connected low-power rating inverters under voltage sags. Voltage support capability is provided thanks to reactive current injection. The main objective is to inject the maximum rated reactive current during the(More)
Microgrids are key elements to integrate renewable and distributed energy resources as well as distributed energy storage systems. In the last years, efforts toward the standardization of these microgrids have been made. In this sense, this paper presents the hierarchical control which consist of three levels: i) the primary control is based on the droop(More)
12 This work presents a novel approach to the experimental validation of the optimal PV13 toinverter sizing ratio value for the energy yield maximization of a GCPVS by means the 14 implementation of a custom workbench using a solar array simulator which has allowed to 15 replicate a wide variety of technical configurations and environmental data. The(More)
Recently, energy systems have experienced a change of paradigm, from a large-scale centralized approach to the in-situ exploitation of renewable sources. Special attention has been paid to microgrids, a particular case of distributed generation where consumer nodes include generation and can be either grid-connected or isolated. This work aims to develop a(More)
Although design is a problem that has been addressed in the literature, maintaining, upgrading and expanding energy distribution networks along the entire life-cycle is a topic that has received scarce attention. The problem includes considering the long-term dependence of the efficiency of the investments along their life span. This work presents a novel(More)
A thorough analysis of the Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) development in Spain in the period 1998-2013 has been carried out in order to identify the main drivers behind the bubble-like behaviour exhibited by this renewable technology. Tending a parallelism with the basic principles of the control systems theory has facilitated the identification of(More)
This paper presents a new concept in active damping techniques using a reduced model of an <italic>LCL</italic> -filtered grid-connected inverter. The presence of the <italic>LCL</italic> filter complicates the design of the inverter control scheme, particularly when uncertainties in the system parameters, especially in the grid inductance, are considered.(More)
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