Jordi Veirman

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The effect of doping compensation on the electrical and photovoltaic properties of Silicon (Si) wafers and solar cells are mapped on peculiar wafers taken from a highly doped and compensated ingot. Extensive mapping characterizations were performed at the material (carrier density and mobility) and at the solar cell levels (I-V parameters under(More)
In this work we investigate how spatial heterogeneities of the substrate hole density influence the reverse characteristics of UMG solar cells. Electroluminescence and current-voltage data on highly heterogeneous cells are compared with the predictions of TCAD simulations. Reverse-bias electroluminescence images reveal that the distribution of breakdown(More)
The thermal donor (TD) generation in dopant-rich compensated Czochralski silicon was studied by pulling an ingot from a feedstock containing large amounts of donors and acceptors. In a wafer located in the vicinity of the change of conductivity type, thermal donors were formed and the evolution of their concentration was similar to that in noncompensated(More)
In this paper a new characterization technique, the OXYMAP technology, allowing measurement of the interstitial oxygen concentration and the oxygen related defects in Czochralski grown silicon, is presented. We applied this technique to 8 inch industrial-like p-type ingots. Relevant information regarding the material quality (compositional and electrical(More)
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