Jordi Vallmitjana

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Video summarization is a challenging problem in part because knowing which part of a video is important requires prior knowledge about its main topic. We present TVSum, an unsupervised video summarization framework that uses title-based image search results to find visually important shots. We observe that a video title is often carefully chosen to be(More)
The New Yorker publishes a weekly captionless cartoon. More than 5,000 readers submit captions for it. The editors select three of them and ask the readers to pick the funniest one. We describe an experiment that compares a dozen automatic methods for selecting the funniest caption. We show that negative sentiment, human-centeredness, and lexical centrality(More)
Thumbnails play such an important role in online videos. As the most representative snapshot, they capture the essence of a video and provide the first impression to the viewers; ultimately, a great thumbnail makes a video more attractive to click and watch. We present an automatic thumbnail selection system that exploits two important characteristics(More)
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