Jordi S Salas

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The covalent modification of histones is closely associated with regulation of gene transcription. Chromatin modifications have been suggested to represent an epigenetic code that is dynamically 'written' and 'erased' by specialized proteins, and 'read', or interpreted, by proteins that translate the code into gene expression changes. Initially thought to(More)
BACKGROUND The diversity of the Mediterranean diet and the heterogeneity of acquired genetic alterations in colorectal cancer (CRC) led us to examine the possible association between dietary factors and mutations, such as Ki-ras mutations, in genes implicated in the pathogenesis of these neoplasms. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study was based on 246 cases and(More)
Malnutrition, considered for the purpose of the present data set as undernutrition, is a major risk factor of mortality in elderly people. Such protein-energy malnutrition should be detected as soon as possible. Once established, this malnutrition state must be corrected by appropriate diet, supplementation, artificial nutrition, or therapeutic treatment.(More)
OBJECTIVES Simple methods for calculation of the energy expenditure may be useful for clinicians involved in the treatment of nutritional disorders in children. The aims of this study were to (1) estimate the specific energy expenditure (SEE) of fat mass (FM) and fat-free mass (FFM) and (2) determine a sensitive predictive indicator of resting energy(More)
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