Jordi Rimbau-Muñoz

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BACKGROUND AND IMPORTANCE Ependymomas are the most frequent intramedullary neoplasms in adult patients. Anaplastic histology, extramedullary location, meningeal dissemination at initial diagnosis, and extraneural metastases are rare findings. We describe a case of extramedullary anaplastic ependymoma that presented with holocordal and intracranial(More)
Inflamatory periodontoid pannus is quite common in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. However, the occurrence of a pannus-like periodontoid mass that is unassociated with rheumatic inflammation is less frequent. Transoral surgery associated with a posterior stabilization has long been considered one of the most efficient methods to resolve the problem of(More)
Decompressive craniectomy (DC) has been sporadically used in cases of infectious encephalitis with brain herniation. Like for other indications of DC, evidence is lacking regarding the beneficial or detrimental effects for this pathology. We reviewed all the cases of viral and bacterial encephalitis treated with decompressive craniectomy reported in the(More)
Aman inhismid-60shad a6-weekprogression ofmotor and sensitive disturbances in all 4 limbs. He had a history of episodic cervicalgia but no active neck pain. Examination revealed distal 3/5 paresis in the arms, distal 4/5 paresis in the legs, paresthesiahypoesthesia in all limbs without radicular pain, 3/4 hyperreflexia, Ashworth 1 spasticity with mild(More)
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