Jordi Prat-Camps

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Invisibility to electromagnetic fields has become an exciting theoretical possibility. However, the experimental realization of electromagnetic cloaks has only been achieved starting from simplified approaches (for instance, based on ray approximation, canceling only some terms of the scattering fields, or hiding a bulge in a plane instead of an object in(More)
Based on transformation optics, we introduce a magnetic shell with which one can harvest magnetic energy and distribute it as desired in space with unprecedented efficiency at an arbitrary scale. It allows a very large concentration of magnetic energy in a free space region, which can be used for increasing the sensitivity of magnetic sensors, and the(More)
We show how the static magnetic field of a finite source can be transferred and routed to arbitrary long distances. This is achieved by using transformation optics, which results in a device made of a material with a highly anisotropic magnetic permeability. We show that a simplified version of the device, made by a superconducting-ferromagnet hybrid, also(More)
Wormholes are fascinating cosmological objects that can connect two distant regions of the universe. Because of their intriguing nature, constructing a wormhole in a lab seems a formidable task. A theoretical proposal by Greenleaf et al. presented a strategy to build a wormhole for electromagnetic waves. Based on metamaterials, it could allow(More)
A novel and broadly applicable way to increase magnetic coupling between distant circuits in the quasistatic regime is introduced. It is shown how the use of magnetic metamaterials enhances the magnetic coupling between emitting and receiving coils. Results are experimentally demonstrated by measuring a boost on the efficiency of the wireless transmission(More)
Magnetic sensors are key elements in our interconnected smart society. Their sensitivity becomes essential for many applications in fields such as biomedicine, computer memories, geophysics, or space exploration. Here we present a universal way of increasing the sensitivity of magnetic sensors by surrounding them with a spherical metamaterial shell with(More)
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