Jordi Pou Fernández

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There are scientific controversies about the management of acute bronchiolitis that generate a great variability in the approach to this entity. A clinical practice guideline (CPG) is a set of systematically developed recommendations to assist practitioners and patients to make decisions based on evidence. A working group (WG) of experts has been selected(More)
In the field of sports research, there is a growing need for the rigorous collection of data that provide empirical evidence about the complex reality they refer to. Although sports psychology research has advanced considerably in recent years, in both extent and quality, one area of research that remains relatively unexplored is the dynamics of the sports(More)
1. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to determine whether memories can have any benefit for their subjects while being distorted. 1 There are a number of things that one may have in mind by 'benefit' while referring to memory. For that reason, the formulation of the issue that will occupy us here admits several possible readings. It will therefore(More)
Infants under 3 months of age with fever without source (FWS) generally undergo a full, invasive septic evaluation to exclude invasive bacterial infection (IBI). Enterovirus (EV) infections are mostly banal and self-limiting and show a high prevalence rate at this age. We aimed to investigate the prevalence of IBI in EV-infected and uninfected infants under(More)
The purpose of the present paper is to develop and defend an account of narrow content that would neutralize the commonplace charge that narrow content ' is not real content '. On the account I offer, a concept ' s narrow content consists in its bearing the right relation to the right sort of response-dependent property.
OBJECTIVE : To report a case of unexpected shaken baby syndrome, the diagnosis of which was possible after an incidental funduscopic examination. METHODS : Observational case report. An infant was to be sent back home with an apparent unprovoked seizure diagnosis when a funduscopic examination was made because of an incidental research study changing the(More)