Jordi Paretas-Martínez

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The Australian Thrasorinae are revised and Mikeius is transferred to Mikeiinae Paretas-Martínez & Pujade-Villar, subfam. n., and Mikeius clavatus Pujade-Villar & Restrepo-Ortiz, sp. n., is described. Two new genera of Thrasorinae are erected: Cicatrix Paretas-Martínez, gen. n., including Cicatrix pilosiscutum(Girault), comb. n. from Amblynotus, Cicatrix(More)
A new genus and three new species of Figitinae (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) are described from Colombia: Ferpereira Pujade-Villar n. gen., Ferpereira fiorellae Pujade-Villar n. sp., Neralsia levis Pujade-Villar & Petersen-Silva n. sp., and Figites colombiensis Pujade-Villar & Paretas-Martínez n. sp., which is the first species of Figites Latreille from Colombia(More)
The genus Apocharips is here revised. Three previously described species are considered as valid: Apocharips angelicae Pujade-Villar & Evenhuis, 2002, A. hansoni Menke, 1993, and A. trapezoidea (Hartig, 1841). Apocharips eleaphila (Silvestri, 1915) and A. peraperta (Silvestri, 1915) are synonymyzed with A. trapezoidea. Three new species are here described:(More)
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