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  • Jordi Llorca
  • 2005
Comets are primitive conglomerates of the solar system containing a mixture of frozen gases, refractory grains, and carbonaceous particles rich in biogenic elements. The dramatic display of comets is mostly caused by a cloud of micrometer-sized dust particles that leave the comet nucleus when frozen gases sublimate as they approach the Sun. Analyses of(More)
  • Jordi Llorca
  • 2004
Some primitive meteorites are carbon-rich objects containing a variety of organic molecules that constitute a valuable record of organic chemical evolution in the universe prior to the appearance of microorganisms. Families of compounds include hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, amino acids, amines, amides, heterocycles,(More)
Cobalt talc doped with iron (Fe/Co~0.1) and dispersed in SiO 2 aerogel was prepared from silica alcogel impregnated with metal nitrates by supercritical drying. Catalytic honeycombs were prepared following the same procedure, with the alcogel synthesized directly over cordierite honeycomb pieces. The composite aerogel catalyst was characterized by X-ray(More)
Catalysts used for heterogeneous processes are usually composed of metal nanoparticles dispersed over a high-surface-area support. In recent years, near-ambient pressure techniques have allowed catalyst characterization under operating conditions, overcoming the pressure gap effect. However, the use of model systems may not truly represent the changes that(More)
In this paper an ethanol reformer based on catalytic steam reforming with a catalytic honeycomb loaded with RhPd/CeO 2 and palladium separation membranes with an area of 30.4 cm 2 has been used to generate a pure hydrogen stream of up to 100 ml/min to feed a PEM fuel cell with an active area of 5 cm 2. The fuel reformer behavior has been extensively studied(More)
Introduction The emission of chlorocompounds into the environment is now strictly regulated, due to the severe influence on health and ecological damage. Catalytic hydrodechlorination is an alternative low-energy, non-destructive method, which enables the conversion of industrial by-products to valuable chemical feedstock or environmentally friendly(More)
The reaction of the water soluble phosphine 1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane (PTA) with [Au(C≡C-C(5)H(4)N)](n) yields the highly luminescent water soluble [(PTA)Au(4-pyridylethynyl)] complex. A detailed analysis of the compound shows the formation of gel structure giving rise to very long fibers, being the first example reported with such a simple structure.
We present an experimental approach to the study of the chirality of three CM2 meteorite solid samples by direct measurement of the optical activity (circular birefringence; CB). The measurements are based on transmission two modulator generalized ellipsometry in conjuction with microscope optics to map the CB of the samples. In spite of the complexity of(More)