Jordi Llorca

Carla de Leitenburg1
Alessandro Trovarelli1
Lluís Soler1
Veronica Rico-Perez1
1Carla de Leitenburg
1Alessandro Trovarelli
1Lluís Soler
1Veronica Rico-Perez
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Cobalt talc doped with iron (Fe/Co~0.1) and dispersed in SiO 2 aerogel was prepared from silica alcogel impregnated with metal nitrates by supercritical drying. Catalytic honeycombs were prepared following the same procedure, with the alcogel synthesized directly over cordierite honeycomb pieces. The composite aerogel catalyst was characterized by X-ray(More)
Engineering the interface between different components of heterogeneous catalysts at nanometer level can radically alter their performances. This is particularly true for ceria-based catalysts where the interactions are critical for obtaining materials with enhanced properties. Here we show that mechanical contact achieved by high-energy milling of(More)
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