Jordi Hernández

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The protein tyrosine kinase PYK2 has been implicated in signaling pathways activated by G-protein-coupled receptors, intracellular calcium, and stress signals. Here we describe the molecular cloning and characterization of a novel family of PYK2-binding proteins designated Nirs (PYK2 N-terminal domain-interacting receptors). The three Nir proteins (Nir1,(More)
A plasmid expression vector called pQTE1 based on the late promoter, pR', and positive control gene Q of bacteriophage lambda has been constructed. This vector has unique cloning sites for placing exogenous DNA under control of pR'. Induction of expression of genes cloned into the pQTE1 plasmid leads to massive overproduction of the gene products. Also,(More)
RBM10 is an RNA binding protein and alternative splicing regulator frequently mutated in lung adenocarcinomas. Recent results indicate that RBM10 inhibits proliferation of lung cancer cells by promoting skipping of exon 9 of the gene NUMB, a frequent alternative splicing change in lung cancer generating a negative regulator of Notch signaling. Complementing(More)
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