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We present an algorithm for computing discriminants and prime ideal decomposition in number fields. The algorithm is a refinement of a p-adic factorization method based on Newton polygons of higher order. The running-time and memory requirements of the algorithm appear to be very good: for a given prime number p, it computes the p-valuation of the(More)
Morphometric variation of biological structures has been widely used to determine taxonomic affinities among taxa, and teeth are especially informative for both deep phylogenetic relationships and specific ecological signals. We report 2-dimensional geometric morphometrics (GM) analyses of occlusal crown surfaces of lower molars (M1, n = 141; M2, n = 158)(More)
Let K be the number field determined by a monic irreducible polynomial f (x) with integer coefficients. In previous papers we parameterized the prime ideals of K in terms of certain invariants attached to Newton polygons of higher order of f (x). In this paper we show how to carry out the basic operations on fractional ideals of K in terms of these(More)