Jordi Gonzalez-Molina

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(Endl.) Manetti ex Carriére round timber was investigated on 120 sample trees from four stands with different spacings. The age of the sample trees lay between 25 and 36 y. The more wider-spaced trees show no relevant decline in quality as to anatomical and technological wood properties, but significantly more timber volume and improved round timber(More)
Delivery of cells into tubular tissue constructs with large diameters poses significant spatial and temporal challenges. This study describes preliminary findings for a novel process for rapid and uniform seeding of cells onto the luminal surface of large tubular constructs. Fibroblasts, tagged with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPION), were(More)
For many bioengineered tissues to have practical clinical application, cryopreservation for use on demand is essential. This study examined different thermal histories on warming and short holding periods at different subzero temperatures on subsequent functional recoveries of alginate encapsulated liver spheroids (ELS) for use in a bioartificial liver(More)
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