Jordi Garcia Almiñana

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The Skill "Sustainability and Socia Commitment" is commonly accepted as essential in today's world. However it proves tricky to introduce into the curriculum, mainly because of lack of knowledgeable teachers. To address this issue we present a knowledge base that brings together scientific articles, books, videos, compilations of data, experiences, etc.,(More)
— This paper is intended to be a guide, with practical recommendations, for the curricula design of an Informatics Degree. It is focused in the Informatics Degree design, but it can be applied to any other degree with a professional orientation. In this paper, we describe a methodology to design the curricula from a list of professional competences and(More)
This paper presents a proposal to develop " Sustainability and Social Commitment" skills (SSC) in engineering degree curricula. The proposal is based on providing general education in SSC to teachers (in particular, the relationship between SSC and their field of knowledge) and SSC-related material for each subject, as well as developing learning and(More)
Data distribution is one of the key aspects that a parallelizing compiler for a distributed memory architecture should consider, in order to get efficiency from the system. The cost of accessing local and remote data can be one or several orders of magnitude different, and this can dramatically affect performance. In this report, we propose a novel approach(More)
Fog computing has emerged as a promising technology that can bring the cloud applications closer to the physical IoT devices at the network edge. While it is widely known what cloud computing is, and how data centers can build the cloud infrastructure and how applications can make use of this infrastructure, there is no common picture on what fog computing(More)
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