Jordi Fernández

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The evergreen holm oak Quercus ilex L. is the most representative tree in Mediterranean forests. Accurate estimation of the limiting factors of photosynthesis for Q. ilex and the prediction of ecosystem water-use efficiency by mechanistic models can be achieved only by establishing whether this species shows heterogenic stomatal aperture, and, if so, the(More)
Infants under 3 months of age with fever without source (FWS) generally undergo a full, invasive septic evaluation to exclude invasive bacterial infection (IBI). Enterovirus (EV) infections are mostly banal and self-limiting and show a high prevalence rate at this age. We aimed to investigate the prevalence of IBI in EV-infected and uninfected infants under(More)
OBJECTIVE : To report a case of unexpected shaken baby syndrome, the diagnosis of which was possible after an incidental funduscopic examination. METHODS : Observational case report. An infant was to be sent back home with an apparent unprovoked seizure diagnosis when a funduscopic examination was made because of an incidental research study changing the(More)
How does schizophrenia affect a subject's sense of self? In this paper, we discuss the experience of alienation of mental states and actions that can take place in schizophrenia. We begin by highlighting this experience in delusions of thought insertion and delusions of made feelings, impulses and actions. Next, we offer a proposal about the nature of this(More)