Jordi Cusidó

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—A remote microcontroller lab based on an 80C537 mock-up is presented. This paper presents a new way to interact with these kinds of systems via the Internet, giving the possibility for complete interaction. The Citrix Application Server is the platform which manages the debugging microcontroller software, and National Instruments LabVIEW 8 is used to(More)
Double frequency tests are used for evaluating stator windings and analyzing the temperature. Likewise, signal injection on induction machines is used on sensorless motor control fields to find out the rotor position. Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA), which focuses on the spectral analysis of stator current, is the most widely used method for(More)
—This paper presents a new approach for the current acquisition system in motor fault detection applications. This paper includes the study, design, and implementation of a Rogowski-coil current sensor without the integrator circuit that is typically used. The circuit includes an autotuning block able to adjust to different motor speeds. Equalizing the(More)
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