Jordi Conesa

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This study aims to explore two crucial aspects of collaborative work and learning: on the one hand, the importance of enabling collaborative learning applications to capture and structure the information generated by group activity and, on the other hand, to extract the relevant knowledge in order to provide learners and tutors with efficient awareness,(More)
The explosive growth of biomedical data makes researchers and professionals recognize the need of developing large ontologies. However as the size of data increases and knowledge evolves, ontologies tend to grow big and large, and hence, retrieving manageable amount of information from large ontologies becomes a difficult and costly task. The purpose of(More)
Many researchers argue that students must be meaningfully engaged in the learning resources for effective learning to occur. However, current online learners still report a problematic lack of attractive and challenging learning resources that engage them in the learning process. This endemic problem is even more evident in online collaborative learning(More)
In this paper we discuss about the ambiguities and deficiencies of the Learning Object Metadata (LOM) standard to specify relationships between learning objects (LOs), specially those relationships that relate LOs instances. We also study the impact of relationships in the internal organizational structure of LOs. As main contribution, we develop a taxonomy(More)