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Grain yield is a major goal for the improvement of durum wheat, particularly in drought-prone areas. In this study, the genetic basis of grain yield (GY), heading date (HD), and plant height (PH) was investigated in a durum wheat population of 249 recombinant inbred lines evaluated in 16 environments (10 rainfed and 6 irrigated) characterized by a broad(More)
Chromium pollution of freshwater is hazardous for humans and other organisms, and places a limitation on the use of polluted water sources. Phytoremediation, the use of plants to remove pollutants from the environment, is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly approach for water decontamination. To improve the efficiency of the process, it is essential(More)
The deployment of IPv6 has been a very slow process. However in the last months, very important signs of the progress are appearing, demonstrating that is no longer an utopia, but a fact, which just follows a natural process, equivalent to the take-off of any other new technology. One of the main issues has been the "chicken and egg" paradigm. The lack of(More)
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