Jordana Schneider

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BACKGROUND Sumoylation is a type of post-translational modification that is implicated in the regulation of numerous cellular events. However, its role in the function of human sperm has not yet been characterized. METHODS AND RESULTS In this study, both immunofluorescence and electron microscopy revealed that small ubiquitin-like modifiers (SUMO) SUMO1(More)
BACKGROUND First-person reports of oocyte donors, years after their donation, can give valuable information about medical complications of oocyte donation, as well as changes potentially required in procedures and priorities of US-based in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers. This paper reports findings from an online survey of former oocyte donors. METHODS(More)
Liver diseases in pregnancy can occur as a complication of gestation or independently. Acute fatty liver of pregnancy is a rare disease of unknown etiology specifically associated to gestation. The frequency is increased in the first pregnancy, in the last trimester and in multiple pregnancies. Because of the high maternal and perinatal mortality early(More)
Carcinoma of the breast and mastopathy are statistically correlated with the functioning of the gonads. The authors studied whether in 58 women with carcinoma of the breast and in 36 patients with mastopathy any change was seen in the secretory pattern of gonadal steroids and whether there were any latent changes in the secretion of prolactin and TSH. A(More)
Freeze-fracture replicas were used to study gap junctions in the glandular epithelium of the human endometrium. The junctions were found to be small both in number and size during the early and mid-proliferative phases of the cycle. In the late proliferative phase and later in the cycle, their number and size were significantly increased (p less than 0.05).(More)
HCV RNA levels correlate with the long-term outcome of hepatitis C in liver transplant recipients. Nucleic acid testing (NAT) is usually used to confirm HCV reinfection and to examine viral loads after liver transplantation. HCV core antigen (HCVcoreAg) testing could be an alternative to NAT with some potential advantages including very low intra- and(More)
METHODS Introital sonography was performed on 131 patients between the first and 13th day (average 4.2 days) after delivery. 41 non-pregnant nulliparous women without any complaints of urinary incontinence served as controls. Post-partum morphological changes were analysed using a 5-MHz vaginal scanner and correlated with parity and mode of delivery. (More)
The effect of warm baths (34-38 degrees C) during pregnancy was studied in 41 patients between 30 and 35 weeks of gestation. The focus of our interest deals with the influence of bathing on the unborn child and physiologic changes in the mother. Continuous CTG monitoring was guaranteed by water-proofed and isolated transducers in connection with telemetry.(More)