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Background Past climate changes have severely influenced the current distribution of species and their genetic diversity. Phylogeography is the study of the principles and processes governing the geographic distributions of genealogical lineages [1]. South America has the world’s largest area of swamps, floodplains and wetlands in general [2]. Brazil’s(More)
Thirty-eight nuclear microsatellite loci originally developed for Aechmea caudata Lindm., Orthophytum ophiuroides Louzada & Wand., Pitcairnia albiflos Herb., Vriesea gigantea (Gaud.) and V. simplex (Vell.) Beer were tested in Cryptanthus burle-marxii Leme and C. zonatus (Vis.) Vis. Of the 38 loci tested, 13 were polymorphic. Ten polymorphic microsatellite(More)
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