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SUMMARY The epithelial-mesenchymal transition program becomes activated during malignant progression and can enrich for cancer stem cells (CSCs). We report that inhibition of protein kinase C a (PKCa) specifically targets CSCs but has little effect on non-CSCs. The formation of CSCs from non-stem cells involves a shift from EGFR to PDGFR signaling and(More)
Despite widespread concern that emergency ultrasound services are not widely available after regular business hours, data supporting or refuting this concern have not been reported. To determine the availability of emergency ultrasound services as perceived by directors of emergency departments (EDs) and radiology departments, direct mail survey was sent to(More)
Between 1980-84, the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group conducted a trial in patients with untreated, unresectable localized carcinomas of the pancreas. Patients were randomly chosen to receive either 6,400 cGy with photons, the equivalent dose with a combination of photons and neutrons (mixed-beam irradiation), or neutrons alone. A total of 49 cases were(More)
The traditional use of patching and topical antibiotics in the treatment of corneal abrasion has recently been challenged, particularly after foreign body removal. In a prospective, controlled, randomized study of 33 patients treated in the emergency department for eye pain and corneal abrasion, we attempted to determine whether eye patching affected the(More)
The records of all 380 adult patients receiving cardiac pacemakers at West Virginia University in the 15-year period ending January 1, 1977, were reviewed. The five-year survival rate was 58 per cent and the 10 year, 38 per cent with a median survival of 74 months. Life expectancy approached life-table curves if the mortality during the initial year was(More)