Jordan W Squair

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Post mastectomy pain syndrome is a condition which can occur following breast surgery and has until recently been regarded as uncommon. Recent reports have suggested that it may affect 20% or more of women following mastectomy. The symptoms are distressing and may be difficult to treat however treatment for neuropathic pain can be successful. This paper(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of Achilles tendon rupture in Scotland from 1980 to 1995. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data. SETTING Data were obtained from the National Health Service Information and Statistics Division and analyzed in terms of age- and gender-specific incidence rates and time trends by age group. (More)
Postural responses (PR) to a balance perturbation differ between the first and subsequent perturbations. One explanation for this first trial effect is that perturbations act as startling stimuli that initiate a generalized startle response (GSR) as well as the PR. Startling stimuli, such as startling acoustic stimuli (SAS), are known to elicit GSRs, as(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to determine the prevalence of unplanned readmissions in Geriatric Medicine in Aberdeen and to examine their nature in order to establish how many of them were avoidable. DESIGN Patients living within Aberdeen who were discharged from Care of the Elderly Assessment Wards in one hospital between 1 August 1994 and 31(More)
Damage to the central nervous system, as in the case of spinal cord injury (SCI), results in disrupted supraspinal sympathetic influence and subsequent cardiovascular control impairments. Consequently, people with SCI suffer from disordered basal hemodynamics and devastating fluctuations in blood pressure, as in the case of autonomic dysreflexia (AD), which(More)
We sought to determine the economic burden of autonomic dysreflexia (AD) from the perspective of the Canadian healthcare system in a case series of individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) presenting to emergency care. In doing so, we sought to illustrate the potential return on investments in the translation of evidence-informed practices and developments(More)
Autonomic dysreflexia (AD), which describes episodic hypertension, is highly prevalent in people with spinal cord injury (SCI). In non-SCI, primary hypertension depresses cardiac contractile reserve via β-adrenergic mechanisms. In this study, we investigated whether AD contributes to the impairment in cardiac contractile function that accompanies SCI. We(More)
Previous research has shown that when the COM is stabilized without participant awareness, COP displacements increase. This finding suggests that postural sway under normal conditions may be exploratory and used as a means of acquiring sensory information. However, based on the theory that posture is controlled using internal models, it could be argued that(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether spinal cord perfusion pressure (SCPP) as measured with a lumbar intrathecal catheter is a more predictive measure of neurologic outcome than the conventionally measured mean arterial pressure (MAP). METHODS A total of 92 individuals with acute spinal cord injury were enrolled in this multicenter prospective observational(More)