Jordan Swartz

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Activation of TLR by ssRNA after FcgammaR-mediated phagocytosis of immune complexes (IC) may be relevant in autoimmune-associated congenital heart block (CHB) where the obligate factor is a maternal anti-SSA/Ro Ab and the fetal factors, protein/RNA on an apoptotic cardiocyte and infiltrating macrophages. This study addressed the hypothesis that(More)
Recombinant E. coli fermentations were observed to undergo regular, reproducible oscillations in oxygen uptake for several hours during a controlled fermentation process. Culture growth slowed during the period of oscillations, delaying induction of recombinant protein production. The oscillations were similar in 10-L and 1,000-L fermentors and also(More)
Phosphorylcholine-1,2-(14)C and choline-1,2-(14)C-labeled cytidine diphosphate choline are incorporated into lecithin by whole homogenates and particulate fractions of rat retina with optimal incorporation of label by the microsomal fraction. The soluble fraction contains a factor(s) which stimulates incorporation of label with release of inorganic(More)
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