Jordan Robson

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BACKGROUND Emerging evidence indicates that accumulating physical activity in periods of less than 10 minutes, termed sporadic physical activity (SPA), has similar effects on health as a similar volume of bouted physical activity (BPA). The purpose of this study was to describe the volume and intensity of SPA in adults. METHODS Participants consisted of a(More)
Background. Physical activity guidelines for adults only recognize the health benefits of accumulating bouted moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA), or MVPA occurring over at least 10 consecutive minutes. There is a lack of evidence supporting the health benefits of other patterns and intensities of activity including sporadic MVPA (i.e., MVPA(More)
Spontaneous Frequency Bursts (SFBs) are a newly discovered form of long-distance neural coordination. They have several distinctive properties, including near-simultaneity of occurrence (+/-25-50 ms) across distant brain regions and high within- and across-site coherence in multiple low and high frequency bands, presumably requiring high axonal, dendritic(More)
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