Jordan Richardson

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This paper presents a notation and computer-based tool for the Sub-Goal Template (SGT) method, a task-analytic approach to specifying information requirements. In particular, it focuses upon the ergonomic redesign of a notation used in the SGT method for specifying contingent sequences in operators' tasks. Two experiments are reported in which two notations(More)
Firefighters in Queensland are exposed to hot, humid weather conditions that contribute to the overall workload encountered during emergency operations. Responding to certain hazardous material incidents requires firefighters to wear fully encapsulated chemical protective suits for a maximum period of 20 minutes. The nature of these suits, combined with(More)
Approximation of unknown functions in multiple dimensions is an important topic in many areas of industrial engineering, such as nonlinear control. Currently, approaches such as neural networks or fuzzy systems are used to create highly nonlinear surfaces from data. Here we show the capabilities of a very simple classical numerical method such as cubic(More)
In this paper, we propose two versions of an improved defuzzification technique for Takagi Sugeno Kang (TSK) fuzzy systems (FSs) based on local third-order approximations. The presented nearest-neighbor spline approximation algorithms (NNSA1 and NNSA2) use the concept of a zeroth-order TSK FS and produce smooth surfaces with increased accuracy. The proposed(More)
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