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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Photodynamic therapy (PDT) combines photosensitizers absorbing light in the visible spectral region and irradiation with light of corresponding wavelengths. We analysed the sensitivity of cell lines established from resident cutaneous cells and from transformed lymphocytes towards PDT. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS AND METHODS PDT was(More)
BACKGROUND Artichoke leave extracts (ALE) have hepatoprotektive properties and are used by patients with chronic liver disease. Effects in patients with chronic hepatitis C are unclear. METHODS 17 patients with chronic hepatitis C and persistently elevated aminotransferase levels were treated for 12 weeks with 3200mg standardized ALE per day. Primary(More)
The values of 7 urinary parameters in divided urine collections were measured in 20 patients with calcium oxalate stones and ten normal persons. On this basis the thermodynamic stone formation risk was calculated for the different urine collections. Stone formation risk in the 0-6 a.m. urine fractions appeared to be the most important. The risk of stone(More)
Background Adult cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation (ECC) is known to be associated with increased risk of blood transfusion and systemic inflammatory response leading to adverse outcomes. Modern procedures like retrograde autologous priming (RAP) may reduce these negative side effects of ECC. This randomized prospective study was initiated to(More)
Elevated levels of homocysteine in maternal blood and amniotic fluid are associated with cardiovascular, renal, skeletal, and endocrine diseases and also with embryonic malformations related to neural crest cells. Neural crest cells are necessary for the formation of tissues and organs throughout the body of vertebrate animals. The migration of neural crest(More)
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