Jordan Maivelett

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Chronic leg ulcers are frequent and debilitating complications of sickle cell anemia. Inadequate blood supply has been postulated to be an important factor in their occurrence and delayed healing. Little is known about their microcirculatory and histopathological changes. We evaluated the microcirculation of lower extremity ulcers with laser speckle(More)
Heart valve tissue engineering requires biocompatible and hemocompatible scaffolds that undergo remodeling and repopulation, but that also withstand harsh mechanical forces immediately following implantation. We hypothesized that reversibly stabilized acellular porcine valves, seeded with endothelial cells and conditioned in pulsatile bioreactors would pave(More)
Thermal representations on the surface of a human forearm of underlying perforator vessels have previously been mapped via recovery-enhanced infrared imaging, which is performed as skin blood flow recovers to baseline levels following cooling of the forearm. We noted that the same vessels could also be observed during reactive hyperaemia tests after(More)
Measurement of skin ulcer area is essential for accurate assessment of the efficacy of different therapeutic strategies. Currently, measurement options involve subjective evaluation of ulcer borders. We quantified ulcer surface area in twelve sickle cell anemia patients by using an infrared (IR) camera and compared measurements to those obtained with(More)
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