Jordan M. Komisarow

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RNA targets of multitargeted RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) can be studied by various methods including mobility shift assays, iterative in vitro selection techniques and computational approaches. These techniques, however, cannot be used to identify the cellular context within which mRNAs associate, nor can they be used to elucidate the dynamic composition of(More)
OBJECTIVE The prognosis of elderly patients with glioblastoma (GBM) is universally poor. Currently, few studies have examined postoperative outcomes and the effects of various modern therapies such as bevacizumab on survival in this patient population. In this study, the authors evaluated the effects of various factors on overall survival in a cohort of(More)
Pituitary adenomas and Rathke's cleft cysts (RCCs) share a common embryological origin. Occasionally, these two lesions can present within the same patient. We present a case of a 39-year-old male who was found to have a large sellar lesion after complaints of persistent headaches and horizontal nystagmus. Surgical resection revealed components of a RCC(More)
The cerebral organization of language in epilepsy patients has been studied with invasive procedures such as Wada testing and electrical cortical stimulation mapping and more recently with noninvasive neuroimaging techniques, such as functional MRI. In the setting of a chronic seizure disorder, clinical variables have been shown to contribute to cerebral(More)
Intracranial intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (IPEH), also referred to as Masson's tumor, is a condition that rarely occurs in the nervous system. IPEH most frequently occurs extracranially in the skin of the face, skull, neck, and trunk and can easily be mistaken clinically, radiologically, and histologically for angiosarcoma, organizing(More)
INTRODUCTION Recently, auditory naming has become a part of cortical stimulation mapping (CSM) to provide a comprehensive language map prior to resection in epilepsy patients. Modality-specific language sites have been found using CSM in adult epilepsy patients, but research in the pediatric population is limited. Here, we demonstrate distinctions between(More)
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