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We present the PowerSetViewer visualization system for the lattice-based mining of powersets. Searching for items within the powerset of a universe occurs in many large dataset knowledge discovery contexts. Using a spatial layout based on a powerset provides a unified visual framework at three different levels: data mining on the filtered dataset, browsing(More)
This study defines, in the context of unicompartmental tibial replacement, the medial and lateral resection surfaces of 34 tibiae at a depth of 5 mm below the articular surface. Using statistical techniques, three optimal theoretical size and shape unicompartmental tibial designs, (i) implants of consistent shape in varying size (ii) implants symmetric(More)
Use of computational models with kinematic boundary conditions to study the knee joint contact behavior for normal and pathologic knee joints depends on an understanding of the impacts of kinematic uncertainty. We studied the sensitivities of tibio-menisco-femoral joint contact behavior to variations in knee kinematics using a finite element model (FEM)(More)
AIM To investigate the role of exercise training the past 25 years on major physiological-psychological outcomes studied thus far in this patient population. METHODS PubMed, MedlinePlus, the Cochrane Library, Web of Science, SportDiscus, Embase, Scorpus, and Google Scholar were searched from September to November 2013 to identify exercise training studies(More)
The purpose of this study was to clarify meniscal displacement and cartilage-meniscus contact behavior in a full extension position and a deep knee flexion position. We also studied whether the meniscal translation pattern correlated with the tibiofemoral cartilage contact kinematics. Magnetic resonance (MR) images were acquired at both positions for 10(More)
An accurate and repeatable tibial measurement system will aid in the definition of tibial geometry and improving tibial prosthesis design. Unlike in the femur, there is no standardized method for constructing a tibial coordinate frame. Most tibial measurements are given relative to femoral axes or the coordinate frame of the CT/MRI scanner or radiograph(More)
In the Information Age, data-mining has become a valuable tool. As long as there are needs and benefits from detecting and analyzing trends, there will be a need for data-mining. Traditionally, an expert in the field is required to search for " gems " of information from hunches and intuition. This task is generally tedious and ineffective as existing(More)
This report was commissioned by Lockheed Martin Corporation in order to develop a predictive model capable of identifying potential enemy ballistic missile launch sites prior to launch. This model will use geospatial data in conjunction with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets in order to identify likely missile launch sites. The(More)
Obesity and weight gain after breast cancer (BC) diagnosis can affect cancer outcomes. This study explores the question of weight change during the first 2 years of endocrine treatment (ET) to identify the independent effects of BC diagnosis and treatment on post-diagnosis weight trajectories in early-stage postmenopausal BC survivors. The study design is a(More)