Jordan Landford

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The authors discuss 'One Health' approaches for controlling newly recognised and re-emerging diseases of animal origin and contributions towards pandemic preparedness based on enhanced collaboration between Veterinary Services, Human Health Services and Environmental Services. Improved veterinary governance and cooperation with public health managers,(More)
—This paper provides a synchrophasor data analysis methodology that leverages statistical correlation techniques in order to identify data inconsistencies, as well as power system contingencies. Included in this analysis are the techniques for data management that are used to process the high-granularity and high-cardinality data gathered from synchrophasor(More)
—Large databases and data warehouses are becoming prevalent for the storage and management of energy data. Accelerating the rates at which data can be retrieved is beneficial not only to allow for more efficient search of the data, but also to be integrated with other energy system tools. In this paper, a fast indexing and data retrieval method, known(More)
Keywords—PMU, data management, bitmap index, electrical distance, correlation, power system contingency. operators to recognize events as they occur. The indexing and data retrieval mechanism facilitates fast access to archived PMU data. Using this method, we achieved over 30× speedup for queries with high selectivity. With the development of these two(More)
—Modern power systems have begun integrating syn-chrophasor technologies into part of daily operations. Given the amount of solutions offered and the maturity rate of application development it is not a matter of " if " but a matter of " when " in regards to these technologies becoming ubiquitous in control centers around the world. While the benefits are(More)
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