Jordan L. Rabinowitz

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Somatic mutation of the variable (V) regions of immunoglobulin genes occurs in vivo at rates that have been estimated to be between 10(-3) and 10(-4) per bp per generation. To study this process in vitro, the 18.81 pre-B-cell line and hybrids derived by fusing 18.81 to the NSO myeloma fusion partner were transfected with a mu heavy-chain construct(More)
pSV2neo plasmids containing an IgM heavy-chain gene with nonsense mutations in either the variable (V) or the constant (C) region were transfected into four differentiated mouse plasma cell lines: S107 and the NSO fusion partner (myeloma cell lines) and 2C3 and 36.65 (hybridoma cell lines). The frequencies of reversion of the nonsense mutations in multiple(More)
We have established B cell culture systems in which transfected and stably integrated Ig constructs spontaneously undergo high rates of variable (V) region mutation. Mutation rates were determined using reversion analysis of an Ig V region nonsense codon (Vn). A construct (Vn/gamma2a) in which a Vn was associated with the gamma2a constant region and its(More)
In this work, we will identify the existence of “rough dependence on initial conditions” in atmospheric phenomena, a concept which is a problem for weather analysis and forecasting. Typically, two initially similar atmospheric states will diverge slowly over time such that forecasting the weather using the Navier-Stokes equations is useless after some(More)
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