Jordan Cao

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—The Internet of Things (IoT) offers the promise of integrating the digital world of the Internet with the physical world in which we live. But realizing this promise necessitates a systematic approach to integrating the sensors, actuators, and information on which they operate into the Internet we know today. This paper reports the design and development(More)
—This paper reports on the design and development of an HTML5-powered Virtual Sensor Editor (VSE) over the Internet of Things cloud. VSE is a scalable tool that allows users to design virtual sensors with user-defined dataflow logic, by visually aggregating existing sensors, either physical sensors or other user-defined virtual sensors. VSE supports a(More)
The key to the successful use of computer networks to support realtime communications is an adequate set of network communication protocols that ensure not only timely but also reliable message transmission. Traditional fault tolerance techniques may become invalid in a realtime environment as the latency introduced by those error recovery mechanisms may(More)
—The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to integrate the digital world of the Internet with our encompassing physical world. However, existing IoT systems do not provide considerate services, meaning that sensors dynamically " collaborate " to provide context-aware federated sensor data, tuned to human needs. This paper reports our ongoing work developing a(More)
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