Jordan C. Xu

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Axonal transport deficits in Alzheimer's disease (AD) are attributed to amyloid β (Aβ) peptides and pathological forms of the microtubule-associated protein tau. Genetic ablation of tau prevents neuronal overexcitation and axonal transport deficits caused by recombinant Aβ oligomers. Relevance of these findings to naturally secreted Aβ and mechanisms(More)
The interactions between CD40 on B cells and its ligand gp39 on activated T helper cells are known to be essential for the development of thymus-dependent humoral immunity. However, CD40 is also functionally expressed on thymic epithelial cells and dendritic cells, suggesting that gp39-CD40 interactions may also play a role in thymic education, the process(More)
Medicinal chemists' "intuition" is critical for success in modern drug discovery. Early in the discovery process, chemists select a subset of compounds for further research, often from many viable candidates. These decisions determine the success of a discovery campaign, and ultimately what kind of drugs are developed and marketed to the public.(More)
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