Jordan C. Achtman

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Tissue-specific transcription patterns are preserved throughout cell divisions to maintain lineage fidelity. We investigated whether transcription factor GATA1 plays a role in transmitting hematopoietic gene expression programs through mitosis when transcription is transiently silenced. Live-cell imaging revealed that a fraction of GATA1 is retained focally(More)
Cutaneous lupus erythematosus (LE; syn LE-specific skin disease) is an autoimmune disease with well-defined skin manifestations often accentuated in a photodistribution and frequently associated with specific autoantibodies. These clinical observations have led to numerous laboratory studies related to the role of ultraviolet light, as well as studies of(More)
the EAP group but not for the control group (P 1⁄4 .033). Use of an EAP showed a significant main effect for question 8, ‘‘know names of creams to use on my child’s skin’’ (P 1⁄4 .016) and question 20, ‘‘feel helpless about my child’s skin condition’’ (P 1⁄4 .034). Overall, averaged over the 3 time points, the EAP group scored better than the control group.(More)
PCR: polymerase chain reaction INTRODUCTION Leishmaniasis is an infectious disease endemic to 88 countries on 5 continents. It is estimated that there are 1 to 1.5 million cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis among local populations, but leishmaniasis also commonly affects travelers to these endemic countries. Leishmaniasis is caused by parasitic protozoa in(More)
To the Editor, Skin metastases from mesenchymal tumors are rare and often occur as a terminal event. Sarcomas represent 2–3% of all cutaneous metastases.1 Rates of cutaneous metastases are low because of both low overall prevalence of sarcomas and inherent rarity of skinmetastasis in this tumor type.2 The primary route of metastasis is hematogenous in(More)
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