Jordan Brown

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We recently introduced an accurate and countermeasure resistant P300-based deception detection test called the complex trial protocol (Rosenfeld et al. in Psychophysiology 45(6):906-919, 2008). When subjects use countermeasures to all irrelevant items in the test, the probe P300 is increased rather than reduced (as it was in previous P300-based deception(More)
MicroRNAs are powerful gene expression regulators, but their corneal repertoire and potential changes in corneal diseases remain unknown. Our purpose was to identify miRNAs altered in the human diabetic cornea by microarray analysis, and to examine their effects on wound healing in cultured telomerase-immortalized human corneal epithelial cells (HCEC) in(More)
Forest regrowth is expected to gradually mitigate edge effects in forest landscapes fragmented by timber harvest, but our understanding of edge effect persistence and dynamics over time is still incomplete. Our main objective was to take a critical look at the role of forest regrowth in mitigating the initial edge effects on microclimate and understory(More)
Presently, the process of extraction and dissemination of data subsets for research from clinical data warehouses is cumbersome and error prone. Furthermore, large-scale research projects often involve multiple users of the same data extract; each of these users may be authorized to access different data elements and specific subsets of the data extract.(More)
I. ABSTRACT In this paper, we describe an approach to distributed enforcement of sticky policies in heterogeneous hardware and software environments. These heterogeneous environments might have differing mechanisms for attesting to their security capabilities and data sources might specify different levels of trust for different data items. Such an(More)
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