Jordan Boucher

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25 Permission to copy and display the Service Modeling Language Specification, in any medium 26 without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that you include the following on ALL copies of 27 the Service Modeling Language Specification, or portions thereof, that you make: 28 29 1. A link or URL to the Service Modeling Language Specification at this(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of aging on men and women in processing information required to reproduce direction and distance on a visuomotor task. Subjects (45 men and 45 women) selected from three age groups (25-34 yr., 45-54 yr., 65-74 yr.) were required to estimate blindly the exact criterion location of a target-point they had(More)
Traditionally, motor skill acquisition has implied that the performance of a given individual on a particular skill is dependent on the amount of prior practice of that skill. However, concepts such as schema theory, or kinetic formulae, or the strategic allocation of resources imply that, even when practising specific skills, performers gain knowledge(More)
The purpose of this study was (a) to determine if vision and kinesthesis contribute differentially to the coding of a specific two-dimensional pattern and (b) to identify the effect of repetition on the spatial representation of this pattern. The reproductions of a specific pattern presented visually were compared with those of a pattern presented(More)
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