Jordan B Ferguson

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59 patients with clinical suspicion of scaphoid fracture, but negative radiographs at presentation and review, were examined by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and bone scintigraphy (BS). The diagnoses were compared with subsequent follow-up. There were four scaphoid fractures, 10 other fractures and three significant ligamentous injuries. All scaphoid(More)
PURPOSE To report a patient with idiopathic retinal venous beading and recurrent preretinal hemorrhage. METHOD Case report of a 17-year-old girl with bilateral retinal venous beading, greater in the left eye than in the right eye, and recurrent preretinal hemorrhage in the left eye. RESULTS Complete blood cell count, platelet count, blood glucose level,(More)
Two interrelated personal computer (PC) based speech training aids have been developed: one for use in a school or clinic, the Speech Training Station (STS); and the other for the deaf child's home, the Speech Practice Station (SPS). The STS monitors speech production by microphone, electroglottograph, and pneumotachograph. The SPS system uses only the(More)
Iron-dependent regulators (IdeRs) control the transcription of a variety of genes associated with iron homeostasis in Gram-positive bacteria. In this study we report the cloning of a putative IdeR gene from the moderate thermophile Thermobifida fusca into the pET-21a(+) expression vector. The expressed protein, Tf-IdeR, was purified using immobilized metal(More)
The effects of chronic in vivo lithium administration on mannose-containing components of plasma membranes from rat corpus striatum were examined by a3H-concanavalin A binding displacement method. No difference in Con A binding was observed between sodium or lithium-treated rats during a 1-month period.
DESPITE the extensive literature on myelosclerosis and extramedullary haematopoiesis (myeloid metaplasia), reference to the pleura as being the site of extramedullary haematopoiesis is not made in either the standard medical and pathology textbooks or in the radiological literature. We have recently encountered a case of myelosclerosis in which aspiration(More)