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UNLABELLED This study investigates the consequences of carrying load in one hand versus both hands. Six participants walked carrying buckets containing various weights. The weight was either carried in one hand or distributed evenly between both hands. Electromyography, force plate and body kinematic data were input to a three-dimensional anatomically(More)
UNLABELLED The goal of this study was to establish relationships between fitness (torso endurance, grip strength and pull-ups), hip range of motion (ROM) (extension, flexion, internal and external rotation) and movement quality in an occupational group with physical work demands. Fifty-three men from the emergency task force of a major city police force(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Given the possible links between movement, fitness and injury, the goal of this study was to evaluate strength, endurance, and hip range of motion (ROM) (i.e. fitness); movement quality; and age in a population of firefighters. PARTICIPANTS Male firefighters (n=282), all members of a major Canadian city fire department, volunteered to(More)
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