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tRFs, 14 to 32 nt long single-stranded RNA derived from mature or precursor tRNAs, are a recently discovered class of small RNA that have been found to be present in diverse organisms at read counts comparable to miRNAs. Currently, there is a debate about their biogenesis and function. This is the first meta-analysis of tRFs. Analysis of more than 50 short(More)
We have created tRFdb, the first database of transfer RNA fragments (tRFs), available at http://genome.bioch.virginia.edu/trfdb/. With over 100 small RNA libraries analyzed, the database currently contains the sequences and read counts of the three classes of tRFs for eight species: R. sphaeroides, S. pombe, D. melanogaster, C. elegans, Xenopus, zebra fish,(More)
In addition to the core catalytic machinery, bacterial replicative DNA polymerases contain a Polymerase and Histidinol Phosphatase (PHP) domain whose function is not entirely understood. The PHP domains of some bacterial replicases are active metal-dependent nucleases that may play a role in proofreading. In E. coli DNA polymerase III, however, the PHP(More)
Numerous studies have identified prognostic genes in individual cancers, but a thorough pan-cancer analysis has not been performed. In addition, previous studies have mostly used microarray data instead of RNA-SEQ, and have not published comprehensive lists of associations with survival. Using recently available RNA-SEQ and clinical data from The Cancer(More)
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