Jordan A. Denev

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The paper presents Large Eddy Simulations of plane channel flow at a friction Reynolds number of 180 and 395 with a block-structured Finite Volume method. Local grid refinement near the solid wall is employed in order to reduce the computational cost of such simulations or other simulations of wall-bounded flows. Different subgrid-scale models are employed(More)
The paper reports on DNS and LES of plane channel flow at Reτ = 180 and compares these to a DNS with a higher order convection scheme. For LES different subgrid-scale models like the Smagorinsky, the Dynamic Smagorinsky and the Dynamic Mixed Model were used with the grid being locally refined in the near-wall region. The mixing of a passive scalar has been(More)
The paper describes DNS of a jet in crossflow at Re=650 and jet-to-crossflow velocity ratio R=3.3. Laminar boundary conditions are employed which makes the present flow configuration advantageous for benchmarking. Use is made of local grid refinement in the region of transition to turbulence. Comparison with Re=325 is carried out for some appropriate(More)
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