Jordan A. Clayton

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Five subjects with TMJ dysfunction showed difficulty in making reproducible mandibular border movements as recorded by a pantograph. These subjects were treated with occlusal bite splints, and muscle activity was studied by electromyography. After one month of treatment, most subjects showed relief of clinical symptoms and improved EMG muscular activity.(More)
Water management issues continue to plague the western United States, including rapid population growth, degraded aquatic ecosystems, unfulfilled claims to American Indian users, the threat of global warming, an economic recession, and many other issues. This essay outlines some advantages of market-driven reforms to the management of water resources in the(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to provide further insight into the characteristics of the induced and voluntary Bennett movement by determining the influence of TMJ dysfunction on the lateral side shift of the mandible as recorded by a modified pantograph. Twelve subjects were examined using pantographic tracings quantitated with the PRI to establish(More)
Stormwater management is an essential aspect of urban hydrology. Urbanized areas have large amounts of impervious surface cover (ISC) and well developed sewer and drainage networks which rapidly channel water and pollutants off of streets and into local streams. This research evaluates the use of vegetated roofs as mechanisms to reduce ISC and stormwater(More)
Denar and Stuart pantographic tracings were obtained at 10 separate appointments with one patient. Twenty pantographic recordings were transferred to the Stuart fully adjustable articulator. One pantograph from each appointment was used to set the articulator. The second pantograph of each appointment was mounted on the articulator without altering the(More)
The purpose of the study was to examine the temporal trends of three monthly variables: stream runoff, rainfall and air temperature and to find out if any correlation exists between rainfall and stream runoff in the Blue Ridge and Piedmont provinces of the southeast United States. Trend significance was determined using the non-parametric Mann-Kendall test(More)
Bed load transport measurements were made in a small urban stream in Decatur, GA, from which thresholds for motion were calculated using methodologies from the published literature. These methodologies are discussed in terms of their limitations and assumptions. Mobility frequencies were calculated for single grains of each grain size fraction to illustrate(More)
Rivers and streams are sensitive to alterations in their watersheds and one of the greatest disturbances is from urban development. An urban stream channel in the Atlanta metropolitan area in the Georgia Piedmont was studied to establish the nature of adjustment the channel form was experiencing. This study compared a degraded channel with a channel(More)
Technological and methodological advances of the past few decades have provided hy-drologists with advanced and increasingly complex hydrological models. These models improve our ability to simulate hydrological systems, but they also require a lot of detailed input data and, therefore, have a limited applicability in locations with poor data availability.(More)
To determine the relationship between the abundance and density of benthic invertebrates, and the critical shear stress of individual grain sizes, a reach along Smith Creek, was divided into ten 2m x 2m quadrants. Within each quadrant, five randomly selected clasts for each grain size ranging from 2.26 to 25.6 cm were cleaned for benthic invertebrates.(More)