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BACKGROUND Identification of genes that are causally implicated in oncogenesis is a major goal in cancer research. An estimated 10-20% of cancer-related gene mutations result in skipping of one or more exons in the encoded transcripts. Here we report on a strategy to screen in a global fashion for such exon-skipping events using PAttern based Correlation(More)
The effects of injections of the neuropeptide substance P or the GABA agonist muscimol on performance of a step-down inhibitory avoidance task were examined. Immediately after the training trial, rats with chronically implanted cannulas were injected with 100 or 10 ng of substance P or 500 or 50 ng of muscimol into the region of the nucleus basalis(More)
Performance on visual tracking tasks was measured in groups of Alzheimer-type dementia, pseudodementia of depression, and elderly normal controls. Smooth pursuit tracking errors were identified by counting the number of catch-up saccades required to compensate for failure of the smooth pursuit system. The group with Alzheimer-type dementia had significantly(More)
The effect of age and gender on eye tracking performance was studied in normal healthy subjects. Two measures of tracking performance, phase corrected cross-correlation coefficients and number of catch-up saccades were determined. The cross-correlation measures revealed a differential effect with the elderly men demonstrating significantly better tracking(More)
14C-deoxyglucose autoradiographs of attack rats were compared densitometrically with those of control rats whose electrodes were located nearby and elicited nonaggressive behaviors like those that accompanied the attack. Most closely associated with attack was the path from the ventromedial hypothalamus through the ventral supraoptic commissural pathway to(More)
High mortality rate in rats with large medial preoptic lesions discourage their use in studies of brain function. However, virtually all such animals (six out of seven) survived indefinitely if kept at an ambient temperature of 15 degrees C for 2 hours before and 10 to 12 hours after the lesions were made. Although these rats appeared otherwise healthy,(More)
Concentrations of dopamine, serotonin, and some of their metabolites were analyzed by means of high-performance liquid chromatography in brain samples obtained from rats operantly conditioned to use one paw for water-reinforced lever pressing. In the first experiment, the side of paw usage was determined by physical constraint (forced-handedness condition),(More)
There is little experimental knowledge on the sequence dependent rate of hairpin formation in RNA. We have therefore designed RNA sequences that can fold into either of two mutually exclusive hairpins and have determined the ratio of folding of the two conformations, using structure probing. This folding ratio reflects their respective folding rates.(More)
The effect of peripheral injections of substance P (SP) on performance in two different configurations of an automated tunnel maze was examined in three experiments. In two experiments, the effect of pretrial SP injections (10-1000 micrograms/kg) on performance in the hexagonal and radial maze configuration of an automated tunnel maze was investigated. In(More)