Joost van der Weijde

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Coil springs are nowadays widely used in robotic applications, in particular in Series Elastic Actuators. The measurement of spring force, either via load cells or via position sensors, conventionally requires additional sensor hardware to be part of or parallel to the kinematic chain. In order to simplify measurement of spring deflection, we exploit the(More)
To provide more tuning freedom in the trade-off between overshoot and settling times of PID controlled stages, a PID controller with a fractional order integrator is studied. The fractional order integrator has two parameters dependent on the order λ . Namely, the corner frequency ωi(λ ) and the gain kp(λ ). Both parameters are designed such that robust(More)
Coil springs are a common element in compliant actuators. For closed-loop control, the force of the coil spring has to be measured. Typically, deflection sensors indirectly measure this force. Implicitly, this assumes that the coil spring is a pure stiffness, without any mass. In reality, internal oscillations can occur due to impacts or other excitations(More)
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