Joost van Leeuwen

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BACKGROUND The risks of colorectal cancer and adenoma, the precursor lesion, are believed to be influenced by dietary factors. Epidemiologic evidence that cereal fiber protects against colorectal cancer is equivocal. We conducted a randomized trial to determine whether dietary supplementation with wheat-bran fiber reduces the rate of recurrence of(More)
The peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB2 is expressed highly on normal human B-lymphocytes. C-terminal specific anti-CB2 antibody recognises a non-phosphorylated inactive receptor on naïve and resting B-lymphocytes. Another, N-terminal specific CB2 antibody, primarily recognises B-cells present in the germinal centres of secondary follicles in lymph nodes.(More)
The major disadvantage of breast ptosis correction using the standard mastopexy procedure is the visible scarring. The use of an implant alone is often inadequate, especially in the more ptotic breast. A technique employing a submuscular expandable mammary prosthesis together with release of the breast tissue from the underlying muscle is described. This(More)
BACKGROUND The peripheral cannabinoid receptor (CB2) is mainly detected on B cells in the germinal centers (GCs) of the immune system, using an antibody directed against the extra cellular N-terminal domain of the receptor. We retrospectively investigated the CB2 receptor expression in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCL) and its clinical relevance for(More)
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