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An anesthetic combination of ketamine and promazine (75mg/kg by ketamine content) was tested in 15 male and 15 female adult New Zealand white rabbits. The mean induction time was 9 minutes for both the male and female. Mean duration for anesthesia was 61 minutes for the male and 49 minutes for the female. The mean recovery time was 22 minutes for the male(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze morphological changes in the peritoneum of peritoneal sclerosis (PS) patients. Emphasis was put on vascular abnormalities, because the continuous exposure to glucose-based dialysis solutions could cause diabetiform changes and because longitudinal transport studies suggested the development of a large peritoneal vascular surface area.(More)
Aquaporin-CHIP is a 28 kD channel forming integral membrane protein. It acts as an osmotically driven, water-selective pore. The presence of aquaporin-CHIP has been demonstrated in the proximal tubule in the kidney and in the pleura, as well as in other tissues. During peritoneal dialysis a dissociation between the transport of water and sodium using(More)
BACKGROUND Decades of psychiatric epidemiology have shown a wide variation in prevalence rates, but a consistent relationship between psychiatric disorder and sociodemographic variables. In this repeated cross-sectional survey, the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and their distribution in the general population of the same area was assessed in 1983 and(More)
BACKGROUND The Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (SCAN), the successor of the ninth version of the Present State Examination (PSE-9), is one of the latest instruments developed by the World Health Organisation for the assessment of psychiatric disorders. So far, the psychometric properties have only been established for certain sections(More)
Alcohol abuse among adolescents is a cause for concern. Around 1995 alcopops (sweetened alcoholic drinks) entered the scene and caused even more concern. Many fear that the sweet taste makes is easier to start drinking for those not yet used to drinking alcohol and the marketing appears aimed at adolescents. Because alcohol use has been linked to television(More)
An anesthetic combination of ketamine and promazine was tested in 25 male and 25 female mice of each of two strains. The mean induction time was 5 minutes for the C57BL/6We mouse and 8 minutes for the DBA/2We mouse. No sex differences were observed. The mean duration time was 45 minutes for the C57BL/6We male, 53 minutes for the C57BL/TWe female, 29 minutes(More)