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An enquiry concerning the principles of cultural norms and values: The impact of uncertainty and mortality salience on reactions to violations and bolstering of cultural worldviews
Abstract This enquiry concerning the principles of cultural norms and values focuses on the impact of mortality and uncertainty salience on people’s reactions to events that violate or bolster theirExpand
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Exploring how people respond to conflicts between self‐interest and fairness: Influence of threats to the self on affective reactions to advantageous inequity
Two studies examined how people deal with conflicts between their self-interest concerns and their striving for fairness. Specifically, the affective reactions to outcome arrangements in which peopleExpand
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Alginate microparticles prepared by spray-coagulation method: preparation, drug loading and release characterization.
A spray-coagulation method was developed for the preparation of large scale of porous alginate microparticles. The effect of three variables on porosity was evaluated: (1) alginate solutionExpand
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Enhancing the innovative capacity of small firms through triple helix interactions: challenges and opportunities
This paper presents the results of a recent exploratory study aiming to enhance the innovative capacity of small firms in the Northern Netherlands, a region lagging behind the rest of the country inExpand
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Rechtvaardigheid, Onrechtvaardigheid, en tapas
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A Self-Activation Hypothesis of Affective Reactions to Fair and Unfair Events: Evidence for Supraliminal and Subliminal Processes
Building and extending on justice theories and work on self-regulation, the current paper proposes a self-activation hypothesis of affective reactions to fair and unfair events, stating that inExpand
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Papers in New Guinea Linguistics No. 22
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Particle size distribution effect on burn rate of ammonium nitrate based propellant
Burn rate control of a Phase Stabilised Ammonium Nitrate (PSAN) propellant by specific surface area (SSA) tuning of the PSAN oxidiser resulted in unexpected effects of applying a new batch of PSANExpand