Joost Louwagie

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In addition to genetic changes, the occurrence of epigenetic alterations is associated with accumulation of both genetic and epigenetic events that promote the development and progression of human cancer. Previously, we reported a set of candidate genes that comprise part of the emerging "cancer methylome". In the present study, we first tested 23 candidate(More)
The genetic diversity of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a major concern thought to impact on immunologic escape and eventual vaccine efficacy. Here, simple and rapid methods are described for the detection and estimation of genetic divergence between HIV strains on the basis of the observation that DNA heteroduplexes formed between related sequences(More)
Using a bioinformatics-based strategy, we set out to identify hypermethylated genes that could serve as biomarkers for early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) in stool. In addition, the complementary value to a Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) was evaluated. Candidate genes were selected by applying cluster alignment and computational analysis of promoter(More)
Stool-based molecular tests hold large potential for improving colorectal cancer screening. Here, we investigated the analytical sensitivity of a DNA methylation assay on partial stool samples, and estimated the DNA degradation in stool over time. In addition, we explored the detection of DNA methylation in fecal immunochemical test (FIT) fluid. Partial(More)
The changes in viral load and CD4(+) count at 3 and 6 months in a group of 166 HIV-infected patients was evaluated. The new therapy was chosen based on the medical history procedures for 70 patients, and in 96 patients it was guided by the partial or complete result of the line probe assay (LiPA) HIV RT and Protease resistance tests. The absolute difference(More)
Background and aim: Diversity in the biology of colorectal cancer (CRC) is associated with variable responses to standard chemotherapy. We aimed to identify DNA hypermethylated genes as predictive biomarkers for irinotecan treatment of patients with metastatic CRC.
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