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OBJECTIVE Occupational therapy (OT) for cerebral palsy focuses on the development of skills necessary for the performance of activities of daily living. The aim of this systematic review was to determine whether OT interventions improve outcome for children with cerebral palsy (CP). METHODS An extensive search in MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE, AMED and(More)
OBJECTIVE Reviews of urban-rural differences in psychiatric disorders conclude that urban rates may be marginally higher and, specifically, somewhat higher for depression. However, pooled results are not available. METHOD A meta-analysis of urban-rural differences in prevalence was conducted on data taken from 20 population survey studies published since(More)
BACKGROUND Many reports indicate that the incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increased in schizophrenic patients and related to antipsychotic treatment. In an exploratory cross-sectional study we assessed the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in 266 chronic schizophrenic and schizoaffective inpatients and investigated whether the duration(More)
In this review epidemiological studies concerning chronic benign pain among adults are discussed. To this end, studies focusing on chronic pain, reporting prevalences at a population or primary health care level, including subjects aged between 18 and 75 years have been collected and analyzed. Focus of analysis was on research methods, definitions of(More)
The objective of the present study was to determine in a controlled study the efficacy of strategy training in left hemisphere stroke patients with apraxia. A total of 113 left hemisphere stroke patients with apraxia were randomly assigned to two treatment groups; (1) strategy training integrated into usual occupational therapy and (2) usual occupational(More)
The internal consistency and the diagnostic value of a test for apraxia in patients having had a stroke are presented. Results indicate that the items of the test form a strong and consistent scale: Cronbach's alpha as well as the results of a Mokken scale analysis present good reliability and good scalability. The diagnostic value of the test was(More)
This study evaluated the responsiveness of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), an individualized, client-centered outcome measure for the identification and evaluation of self-perceived occupational performance problems. We recruited 152 consecutive patients with various diagnoses, admitted to the outpatient clinic of two occupational(More)
Clinimetrics in rehabilitation medicine, i.e. the field of developing, evaluating and applying measurement instruments, has undergone considerable progress. Despite this progress, however, several issues remain. These include: (i) selection of an instrument out of the wide range available; (ii) using an instrument in a variety of diagnostic groups; (iii)(More)
BACKGROUND A wide variety of cognitive concepts have been shown to play an important role in chronic widespread pain (CWP). Although these concepts are generally considered to be distinct entities, some might in fact be highly overlapping. The objectives of this study were to (i) to establish inter-relationships between self-efficacy, cognitive coping(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effectiveness of community based occupational therapy on daily functioning of patients with dementia and the sense of competence of their care givers. DESIGN Single blind randomised controlled trial. Assessors were blinded for treatment allocation. SETTING Memory clinic and day clinic of a geriatrics department and(More)