Joost Brinkman

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The effect of clinical pharmacy services on the quality and economy of health care provided to psychiatric patients at a Veterans Administration outpatient clinic was evaluated. Twenty-one patients were selected from the Day Treatment Center, of these, 19 patients completed the study. In providing health care to these psychiatric patients, the clinical(More)
Dansylation of pentachlorophenol was carried out after solid-phase extraction of acidified human serum and desorption with dichloromethane, in a dichloromethane-water two-phase system using tetrabutyl-ammonium bromide as the phase-transfer catalyst. Derivatisation was complete within 2 min at room temperature. After evaporation of an aliquot of the organic(More)
A case report of amoxapine-induced tardive dyskinesia following discontinuation of amoxapine therapy is reported. During 68 weeks of therapy, the patient received a maximum of amoxapine 400 mg/d. Six months after amoxapine discontinuation, the patient continued to have symptoms of tardive dyskinesia. These symptoms correlate with the dopamine(More)
The involvement of a clinical pharmacist in a Department of Veterans Affairs seizure clinic is described. A pharmacist who had served a residency in ambulatory care began working in a seizure clinic in 1988 after obtaining the cooperation of a neurologist interested in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. A clinical protocol was developed to guide(More)