Joop van den Bogaard

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The effects on self-stimulation behaviour of 5 mug morphine HCl applied into the ventricular system and into different areas throughout the brain were studied. Injections into the ventricular system and in areas intermediate between the posterior hypothalamus and the periaqueductal grey matter had biphasic effects: an inhibition followed by an excitation.(More)
Hope is an important aspect of mental health recovery and a major concern in patients with mental illness. Therefore, an instrument to measure hope could be useful for clinical settings and research. The aim of this study was to develop a Dutch version of the Herth Hope Index (HHI-Dutch) and to evaluate its validity and reliability in a sample of people(More)
BACKGROUND As is often reported in the literature exploring the research-practice gap, applying the principles of evidence-based practice is easier said than done. Action research is a methodology with an explicit intent of linking the worlds of research and practice. This review attempts to answer the question: What is known about implementing(More)
BACKGROUND Institutes for mental health care consider scientific research an important activity. A good way to stimulate research is by simplifying data collection. Creating a minimal data set for research purposes would be one way to achieve this, however, this would only be possible if the researchers use a limited variety of data types. This article will(More)
The Municipal Health Service for Rotterdam area in the Netherlands has developed a health research strategy with special focus on qualitative methods. This article describes one of the first and most instructive cases in which this strategy has been applied: a local health study in "Feijenoord." The research in Feijenoord was carried out between 1989 and(More)
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